Our Mission

1-for-All's mission is to provide technology-based companies "One Place to Go" for all their launch needs. From laying out a winning product strategy and marketing strategy, to creating and implementing a marketing plan that will help beat product sales goals, to globalizing your products, 1-for-All is here for your success.

Our Approach

Like the Musketeers of legend, 1-for-All tackles clients' marketing challenges with the "All for One" spirit, bringing to bear precisely the right resources needed to help them win today's marketing battles. We've helped small, privately funded, early stage start-ups launch their very first products and services by acting as their complete virtual marketing department. We've aided VC-backed firms in re-positioning and re-branding themselves, then in penetrating the market to establish their companies as recognized leaders. Several of these firms have subsequently been acquired, including one that was purchased for half a billion dollars. We have also assisted billion dollar leaders entering new markets by providing guidance needed in areas where they did not have expertise or regions where they were short on staff.

Leadership & Experience

1-for-All Marketing was founded by seasoned, senior-level marketing veterans  John Bromhead and Nev Grove. They command extensive marketing experience in computer hardware and software, peripherals, data communications, and Internet-delivered services. Each has had more than 15 years of experience, both in the trenches and at VP- or director-level positions, working with companies such as DEC, Digital Research, IBM, Novell, Stac and Symantec to name but a few.

They are backed by specialists in many marketing disciplines, including domestic and international product management, market research, competitive audit, product requirements definition, pricing strategy, sales forecasting, public relations, marketing communications, Internet marketing (including opt-in e-mail, banner advertising, search engine advertising and search engine optimization), direct mail and direct e-mail marketing, sales collateral and Web site content development, event planning, and language translation.

The 1-for-All Difference

1-for-All is different in several ways:

  • Unlike lone marketing consultants, 1-for-All brings a team of experts together to plan and execute your campaign. Two or more heads are better than one.
  • We are also unlike single-focus firms, such as typical advertising agencies, because we take a much broader view when laying out a comprehensive launch plan. While advertising is often very important in a successful campaign, so may be direct response marketing, Internet marketing, and globalization, for example. When using a traditional, single focus agency, you have to be concerned with the old adage, "if all you have is a hammer, every problem is treated like a nail". With 1-for-All, a complete toolbox is at your disposal.
  • We do not try to be all things to all people. 1-for-All's specialty is marketing technology-based products and services to business customers.
  • Our strong technical backgrounds assure a short learning curve and little time needed to get up to speed. And we know how to translate technical features and advantages into benefits that buyers worldwide will best understand and act upon.
  • We help you to think and implement globally. Whether you're launching in the U.S. or internationally, 1-for-All has the experience to make you a winner.
  • 1-for-All shares the risk. With selected client partners, 1-for-All will take stock options or an equity position in lieu of a portion of our fees. This not only puts us more squarely in our clients’ camp, but also keeps more of their budget dollars available for the marketing programs themselves.

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