Case Study: Marketing Strategy, Public Relations Strategy, and Implementation Services

for Digital Stock (acquired by Corbis Corp.)

Digital Stock produces the world's finest royalty-free digital imagery. They select the only best photography from renowned professionals across the globe, scan with top of the line equipment then meticulously edit to perfection. Electronic images are packaged in topical categories and sold on CD at a fraction of the cost of those available from traditional stock agencies or custom shot. Digital Stock is located in Encinitas and was recently purchased by Corbis Corporation, a Bill Gates company.

1-for-All Marketing was initially retained to conduct a Marketing Audit. In fulfilling this assignement,1-for-All Marketing delivered a comprehensive analysis of Digital Stock's entire marketing function, from top level product strategy and market positioning to specific elements such as PR, advertising, pricing and direct marketing. Using 1-for-All Marketing's unique 15-point 'report card' analysis methodology, each aspect of the company's marketing function was broken down into major elements and sub-elements then evaluated, scored, and prioritized for improvement. Recommendations and next steps were made in each area. Written results were delivered and a formal presentation was made to executive management.

Following the Marketing Audit, 1-for-All Marketing was retained to implement several programs and provide assistance in filling critical gaps in the marketing team:
  • Acted as inside PR manager, which included activities such as creating press releases, media contact and PR agency search and recommendation.
  • Acted as business development manager, which included activities such as creating partner bundling and marketing programs, contract development and coordinating joint press releases.
  • Customer survey results were analyzed with the goal of better understanding the customer base and determining the most profitable segments to target.
  • Conducted a lead source effectiveness analysis.
  • Web site re-design input and collateral materials development.
  • Created e-mail and direct mail marketing campaigns, including concept development, planning and direction.

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