Case Study: Product Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, and Implementation Services

for Intel (acquired IPivot)

IPivot develops and markets policy-based IP server management solutions for Internet and Intranet applications. They provide highly scalable server load balancing, based not only upon protocol, but application quality of service targets. The IPivot solution ensures predictable responses to important requests and can guarantee top-priority requests get best the possible service.

1-for-All Marketing's initial assignment was 3-fold:

  • Identify, research & create a market segmentation and positioning plan for their current and future products.
  • Develop a unique selling proposition.
  • Create a company and product presentation for use with industry luminaries.
Following the successful completion of this assignment, 1-for-All Marketing conducted and presented a pricing study with recommendations to IPivot. 1-for-All Marketing was then retained on an ongoing basis to fulfill the VP of Marketing role.

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