Case Study: Localization Strategy

for Academic Systems, Inc. (acquired by Lightspan, Inc.)

Academic Systems faced increasing opportunities to launch its educational products globally. With millions of words in mathematics and English writing lessons based mostly on US-centric themes, the company welcomed the opportunity for a global launch, but wanted to conduct a localization audit to assess markets, the costs to localize, and the possibility of having in-country distributors perform the work.

In partnership with BOSS Ltd., 1-for-All Marketing, Inc. conducted a localization audit and delivered a report to Academic Systems, comprising:
  • Results of interviews with technical and marketing staff, and with overseas pilot-users
  • Preliminary wordcounts and first-blush cost estimates.
  • First- and second-round recommended markets in "scenario tables".
  • Internationalization summary, with screenshots of areas of concern for the localization process.
  • Findings on global-readiness of collaterals (brochures, Web site, business cards, presentations).
  • A preliminary plan and timeline for taking the products global.

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