White Papers, Product Strategy

for Alphablox Corporation (acquired by IBM)

Alphablox sells infrastructure software and solutions that help decision-makers throughout the enterprise identify and take their most profitable actions. This software gives line-of-business managers inside and outside of the organization a 100% Web-based view of their data all across the value chain (ERP, CRM, SCM, B2B applications).

In their planning for future products, Alphablox turned to 1-for-All Marketing, Inc. to mine and digest large amounts of market information from research analysts, news sources and technical journals. Using an arsenal of tools for searching and summarizing the research, 1-for-All Marketing, Inc. delivered the information to Alphablox, which factored it into its product plans.

Additionally, Alphablox engaged 1-for-All to create a white paper on the technical and business drivers for scalability of analysis servers, to be used by its sales team at specific points in the sales cycle. 1-for-All then wrote another white paper supporting and amplifying Alphablox' corporate presentation on the role of their InLine Analytics™ in delivering profitability to front-line decision-makers in real time.

"Outstanding and Fast are two rare and necessary qualities to launch technology products. John is both! He quickly came up to speed on our technology and value proposition. In less than three months, we delivered product and white papers for launch. John did work for me at two companies: Broadbase and Alphablox. I would work with John again in a heartbeat."

- Director of Product Management

Business-Focused White Paper (5MB)

Technology-Focused White Paper (400KB)

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