Localization Project Management

for Intrepid Systems (acquired by PeopleSoft)

Intrepid's specialty is decision support systems for retail chains. Massive quantities of data in multiple currencies are stored in data warehouses, and Intrepid's product, DecisionMaster, simplifies the process of retrieving and displaying the data for decision-makers in different countries and at different levels in the organization. At the instance of its localization company, Uniscape, Intrepid engaged 1-for-All Marketing for on-site localization management of the project, which included software, documentation and sales materials.

The localization of software like DecisionMaster in the OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) arena reaches into areas of product development such as:
  • researching third-party controls and development tools
  • anticipating a broad variety of data models among customers
  • creating portable prototypes for sales demonstrations
  • handling VAT, the Euro, and multi-currency reporting
  • accommodating intricate sets of retail customer requirements
  • enabling legacy code for localization
  • taking advantage of the global span of strategic partners
  • testing the global-fitness of software before localization begins

"1-for-All Marketing has made a significant contribution to the globalization of Intrepid's DecisionMaster product. We consider the completed portion of the project to be a success. The subject knowledge and project management provided by 1-for-All has been key to this project's success."

- Product Manager

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