QuickStart Guide

for Lindows.com (renamed to Linspire, Inc.)

LindowsOS is a desktop Linux that prides itself on ease of use. To accommodate its early strategy of bundling the operating system with entry-level computers aimed at a non-technical audience, Lindows.com has gone to great lengths to make everything as simple as possible, from installing applications to configuring network connections.

Lindows.com engaged John White of 1-for-All to write and lay out the procedures required for the most common tasks faced by new users. The result was a successful fusion of FAQ and QuickStart with step-by-step descriptions of what users could do with LindowsOS and how they could do it. Once produced, the QuickStart accompanied all copies of LindowsOS sold at retail.

"We assumed that users, especially novices, didn't want a comprehensive, huge user manual. John pulled together a QuickStart guide that was easy on the eyes and easy to follow. Our sales channel was glad for any documentation we could give them, and they were extremely happy that we kept it so simple."

- VP Marketing

QuickStart Guide (1.3MB)

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