Technology Overview/Tour Script

for MediaFLO USA Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of QUALCOMM Incorporated)

MediaFLO USA unleashes the power of TV on mobile devices. It aggregates content from providers such as MTV, Fox Mobile, CNN and MSNBC and delivers the content to the "fourth screen" of handsets and cell phones across the USA.

Several MediaFLO engineers conduct frequent tours of the Operations Center, and they saw the need for a script. The goals of the script were to:

  • Standardize the language used to describe the features and capabilities of the Center;

  • Convey to visitors the advantages of the MediaFLO approach to mobile television;

  • Present a layman's overview of the MediaFLO solution from end to end;

  • Relieve the engineers of the burden of conducting tours by transferring knowledge about the Center to other MediaFLO employees;

  • Ensure that tour guides discussed only non-confidential information with visitors.

Because of the technical nature of the tour and the diversity of audiences, MediaFLO's Marcomm team engaged John White to record, digest and standardize a combined technology overview/tour script. Depending on the technical depth required for a given tour, guides select appropriate sections of the script and deliver them throughout the 40-minute visit.


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