Business Benefits White Paper, Application-Specific White Papers

for Moog Industrial, a Division of Moog Inc.

Moog Industrial's motion control products are at work in gas turbines, flight simulators, metal presses and the machines used to manufacture plastics. Their components precisely control position, velocity, force, and acceleration.

As part of an ad campaign capitalizing on broad, deep partner-style engagements with its customers, Moog turned to 1-for-All to perform hours of interviews and write a series of lead-generation white papers aimed at the engineers designing heavy industrial machinery.

The business benefits white paper describes market drivers in the realm of motion control, how engineers regard and buy these components, and industry evolution from one motion control technology to another. It supports the campaign's main theme by explaining what to look for in a true motion control solution.

The application-specific papers detail solutions to problems of controlling motion in several different heavy industries and the resulting benefits like energy efficiency, higher productivity and lower operating costs.








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