for Nik Software, Inc.

Nik Software, Inc. develops software for digital-imaging and photography markets. With Nik's products, photographers and designers can easily enhance and sharpen digital images and photographs.

Nik's Dfine product reduces noise and optimizes detail in digital images. In updating the documentation for a recent release, the product manager decided to write a draft of the User Guide and Quick Start Guide, then asked 1-for-All Marketing to edit the documents professionally and take them to their final, production versions.

Factoring the technical requirements of individual tasks with the passion of Nik's customers for photography and the marketing message behind the product, 1-for-All delivered well-received, edited versions of the documents.


"Our customers have come to expect a lot from our documentation, and we've grown to the point where I had to get it off of my plate and into the hands of some experts. 1-for-All took our first draft, polished it, rounded it out and gave us back documentation that conveys enthusiasm, not just procedures. I'd gladly work with them again."

- Product Manager

User Guide (2.6MB)

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