Localization Project Management

for Nellcor Puritan-Bennett, Inc. (acquired by Mallinckrodt, Inc.)

This division of NPB in Ottawa, Ontario develops and markets Sandman, a novel, medical-software application which measures body metrics (perspiration, respiration, temperature, etc.) during overnight sleep studies in labs throughout the United States and Canada. Information which used to be written in analog fashion to reams of unwieldy paper, is written digitally to a database file by Sandman, for simplified examination and scoring by a physician. 1-for-All Marketing was engaged to manage the project.

The challenges in localizing Sandman were typical of those encountered in localizing a DOS-based, medical application, including:

  • Tight constraints on string length
  • Modifications to older code
  • CE compliance
  • Availability of matching hardware, software and medical instrumentation in target markets
  • Construction of and agreement on translation glossaries with experts in a medical field

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