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for Intertek NSTL

NSTL (formerly National Software Testing Labs) is the IT industry's premier certification lab, with a reputation dating from the 1980's for independence and objectivity. Since 2001, NSTL has developed its business in testing mobile applications for wireless carriers, software development companies and certification sponsors.

To broaden its offering, NSTL commercialized and markets externally a Web-based QA management tool based on appRELAY Test Center, the same product it has developed for its own internal use. The company hired John White to interview managers and executives and write a hybrid, business- and technology-focused white paper on appRELAY Test Center, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

With heavy focus on the issues facing the QA managers of mobile software development companies, the paper details the abundance of variables involved in mobile app QA, existing approaches to dealing with them, a list of characteristics to look for in a QA management tool, and NSTL's appRELAY Test Center as the next step in mobile app QA.

NSTL also hired John to create Web content and e-mail pieces around the service for both new prospects and existing NSTL customers.








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