Localization Project Management

for SkyDesk, Inc.

SkyDesk is a pioneer of the online data protection market, providing data protection and migration solutions for business and individual users. They chose John White of 1-for-All Marketing for localization management and worldwide launch of their products.

Localization consulting for online data protection products calls upon 1-for-All Marketing’s expertise in:
  • Acid-testing applications for their global readiness on European and Asian operating systems
  • Developing an International Product Plan and Engineering Specification to set company and partner expectations
  • Creating lab environments similar to those faced by overseas users
  • Designing and executing multi-country beta test programs
  • Enlisting the international support and resources of strategic partners and allies
  • Building in compliance with the privacy policies of other countries
  • Tailoring QA reporting and workflow to accommodate linguistic and functional testing
  • Maintaining translation memory, glossaries and databases for cost savings in future releases


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