Technology Overview and Guide

for Tumbleweed Communications, Inc.

Tumbleweed's SecureTransport moves financial transactions, large documents, private health information and XML messages over the Internet and private IP networks. Financial networks, healthcare providers and government agencies use SecureTransport for the safe file transfer of billions of dollars in sensitive transactions daily.

Many of Tumbleweed's global customers configure SecureTransport to run in clustered environments. Because these environments combine SecureTransport's technology and third-party clustering technology, Tumbleweed was constantly fielding questions from customers and prospects on how to accomplish this combination successfully.

Since many of these questions affected the sales cycle for first-time and upgrading customers, Tumbleweed wanted more than a user guide or technical bulletin. They engaged 1-for-All to interview internal subject matter experts and write a paper that explained:

  • dominant clustering technologies

  • implementation choices for SecureTransport in clusters

  • important differences between traditional clustered configurations and SecureTransport clustered configurations

  • researching and deploying safeguards for clustered SecureTransport environments



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