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Are you 100% satisfied with your current pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign? Are you sure you’re getting the most for your budget spend? If not, let 1-for-All give you a no-hype, no sales pitch, no obligation second opinion.

We’ll start by talking with you about your business goals and what you hope to achieve from your paid search marketing program. Then we’ll analyze all aspects of your PPC account including your current keyword bundle and bid tactics, ad sets and the various techniques employed there, ad group and campaign structure and setup options selected and landing pages where you’re directing your visitors. Then will give you feedback on things you could do to optimize your campaign performance - or congratulate you on a job well done! Take our advice and run with it yourself or talk to us about tuning on your behalf. Either way, there’s no charge!

To find out more or request a 1-for-All PPC Campaign Appraisal of your company or organization, please either:
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FREE Papers and Tools

1-for-All would like to offer you the following in the hope that they will assist you as you consider your first PPC search engine marketing campaign, or provide you with ideas to help you optimize a campaign already underway:

  • Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising, or Both - What’s Best for You? (PDF) - This whitepaper contrasts the different characteristics of these two search engine focused marketing vehicles so that you can selected which is best for you - or if both are a good fit.
  • PPC Search Engine Advertising and the 5 Keys to Success (PDF) - The name pretty much says it all.
  • PPC Search Engine Marketing Presentation (PDF) - Nev Grove of 1-for-All Marketing has presented to professional and industry groups. This PowerPoint presentation overviews PPC search engine marketing and includes tips, tricks and advice on how to set up and run a successful pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign, as well as ideas for tuning one that’s already in place.
  • Cost per Lead and Cost of Customer Acquisition Calculator for PPC Search Engine Marketing (XLS) - As the name implies, this spreadsheet will allow you to calculate your cost per lead and cost of customer acquisition for a pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign. It also allows you to estimate monthly campaign costs and revenue generated in a "best case", "worst case" and "best guess" scenario format.
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