Product Strategy

One of the first steps in launching a successful business is developing a solid product strategy. 1-for-All has exceptional product management depth and can help you in all phases of creating yours.

Need help:

  • Conducting market research?
  • Spotting entirely new product or service opportunities?
  • Conducting competitive analysis?
  • Creating your product line strategy?
  • Identifying and prioritizing the most critical features for your next release?
  • Creating a product requirements document to guide your development efforts?

If so, 1-for-All is there for you.

Market Research and Analysis: 1-for-All services in this area include:

  • Research Mining Service: You know there’s a lot of relevant market research floating around the Internet. From statistics published in articles that magazines post on their Web sites to independent studies conducted by competitors and other sources to fee and free research offered by the many research companies. But how do you find it when you need it and how can you stay on top of the latest findings? The key is having the right tools, subscribing to the right services and knowing where to look. And we do. 1-for-All’s Research Mining Service takes all the hassle and effort out of conducting comprehensive research sweeps of the Internet. Besides finding available free data, this service will also uncover the best sources for fee-based research of interest. We also offer a monthly update service where we’ll notify you when new research you’re interested in appears on the Net. And, if you’d like your product management and marketing team to learn these skills, we can train them on the tools, sources and techniques.
  • Surveys: When you require primary research to uncover market opportunities or gather specific input needed to make product or feature decisions, 1-for-All can help with the creation and execution of surveys (phone, e-mail, Web-based, postal), focus groups, or detailed customer/prospect interviews.
  • Advisory Councils: What is one of the best ways to obtain ongoing input and feedback from the people who care the most about your products or services? The answer is customer advisory councils. These are excellent vehicles for gathering detailed product or service feedback as well as forward-looking advice from your most valuable resource – your customers – by building a team of product evangelists, references and coaches inside your key account base. 1-for-All can help you establish an effective company or product advisory council program.

Competitive Research and Analysis: 1-for-All offers several services to help you stay on top of the competition:

  • Competitive Audit: 1-for-All can help identify both direct and indirect competitors for your target customers’ budget and mind share. We will compare quantitative factors, such as feature sets and pricing, as well as perform a qualitative SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of your key competitors.
  • CompeTracker Service: It’s Monday morning. Do you know what your competitors were up to last week? 1-for-All’s CompeTracker service will keep you abreast of what your key competitors are announcing to the industry, and what the industry is saying about them. We deliver their announcements of new offerings, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and more to your desk on a weekly – even daily – basis

Product Definition: Once you know the market opportunity exists and have a good handle on the competition, it’s time to define your new offering or next release. 1-for-All can help here as well:

  • Product Requirements Document (PRD): 1-for-All has created many PRDs over the years and has developed a methodology and format - with a unique twist. Our prioritization approach ranks features on a three step scale:
    1. Mandatory before release
    2. Important
    3. Could wait for a later release if necessary
This more sophisticated approach often allows some lower priority items to be incorporated, when engineering determines them to be easy additions. Engineers also appreciate a look into the "feature requests to come", which may affect how they develop the "features for today," which helps minimize rework.
  • Plan of Record (POR): Tired of having product releases that always seem to slip? This is typical when companies lack the proper methodology for checkpointing key release milestones and when and where in the process they will allow feature changes. 1-for-All's POR approach clearly defines these stages, making them trackable and manageable.

Product Management

  • Ongoing Product Management: Have a sudden departure on your PM team? Need some PM coverage but perhaps not on a full-time basis? 1-for-All has seasoned veterans who can fill the role of product manager on an interim or part-time ongoing basis. Working closely with development, they will help set overall launch schedules and coordinate activities among functional departments throughout the product release cycle to ensure a smooth launch. Our PM specialists have strong and diverse technical backgrounds so that they can get up to speed quickly and then jump in to make a positive contribution in helping get your new offering out on time. 1-for-All can provide product management services at both the product manager and director of product management level.
  • Product Management Training: Perhaps you have some new additions to your PM team and want to make sure they are well versed in the role of the product manager? Or maybe you just want to get everyone working off the same page. 1-for-All can help with training to meet your specific needs.

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