Case Study: Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing, and Implementation Services

for Iomega Corporation

Iomega is the recognized leader in removable storage solutions and the creator of the award winning Zip drive. When it was time for them to launch their first commercial software offering, Quik Sync2, an automatic backup utility, they recruited 1-for-All to create a Go-to-Market Plan for them. Working with their in-house product management, e-business, and marketing teams, 1-for-All developed a comprehensive launch plan that provided detailed recommendations covering 37 marketing elements including public relations, channel activities, print advertising, and electronic marketing.

While Iomega had the staff and expertise to execute many of the elements of the plan, they were new to Internet Marketing and therefore recruited 1-for-All to manage implementation of that portion of the plan, which included banner advertising, search engine optimization and e-mail marketing activities. As part of this effort, 1-for-All successfully functioned as the project manager for a team that consisted of in-house personnel, consultants and third party vendors.

Taking the banner advertising campaign as an example, 1-for-All:
  • Laid out the tactical game plan
  • Identified multimedia companies who were experts in banner design, then negotiated the best rates for Iomega
  • Developed banner messaging themes and coordinated the banner development and testing process
  • Identified the most appropriate banner networks to reach the target audience for testing, handled negotiations to get the best rates, and coordinated activities between Iomega and selected networks
  • Created unique target pages for each banner to improve conversion rates
  • Created integrated follow-on e-mail for trial version downloaders, also to enhance conversion rates
  • Laid out campaign tracking and analysis tools
  • Made the process a learning experience for Iomega team members, to help make them become self-sufficient in this area
  • Created presentation of campaign objectives and results for executive management
Working very closely with the Iomega team members, consultants and suppliers, 1-for-All was able to set then meet project schedule milestones and dates, beat anticipated project results and come in under budget.

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