Marketing Strategy

Years of experience with a variety of successful firms allow us to separate fact from fiction. We can help guide your firm to achieve the optimal marketing strategy for your new product or service. By getting to know you, then researching your market and competition, we can help you craft a winning plan.

Marketing strategies are dynamic. Few companies produce the same end product that was initially envisioned. Evolving customer requirements, technical issues, competitive pressures and innovations can easily change a company's direction. Marketing strategies and programs must be created, tested and refined throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Strategic Marketing Plan: The key to any successful launch strategy is an effective Strategic Marketing Plan. Different products and services require different plans. Among other things, a Strategic Marketing Plan should include:

  • Identification of the target market.
  • Determination of who the buyers and influencers are within the target customer set.
  • Branding and positioning of the product or service that is clearly articulated.
  • A sales and channel strategy that is well thought out and achievable.
  • Consideration of key partnerships and affiliations needed for success.

1-for-All can help you create a strategy designed for maximum effectiveness in market entry and penetration.

Go-to-Market Planô: Once the strategic marketing decisions have been made, the next step is to lay out the marketing campaigns and specific activities needed to generate awareness and leads. For those without established marketing plans, 1-for-All offers its Go-to-Market Plan. The Go-to-Market Plan provides a complete launch solution that considers 37 traditional and Internet-based marketing activity categories to determine what's the best mix to meet each client's unique needs. Itís ideal for start-ups bringing their first product or service to market as well as those who've just never laid out an integrated marketing plan before. This in-depth "marketing blueprint" includes:

  • Detailed recommendations for all key marketing activities that should be performed - as well as those that should be avoided - and why.
  • Breakdowns of estimated costs for each marketing activity recommended. A budget spreadsheet is included that lays out all marketing program expenses on a monthly basis, as well as the lead flow and sales expected from the marketing activities.
  • Spreadsheets for all lead-generating activities that estimate cost per lead, cost of customer acquisition and the ROI for money spent on that activity. Besides helping ensure that the plan can achieve desired unit and revenue sales goals within a particular budget, these spreadsheets provide excellent vehicles for tracking campaign activity effectiveness throughout the implementation cycle.

Go-to-Market Audit: If you have existing marketing plans and programs in place, but you would like to improve results and ensure that marketing dollars are spent where they will provide the most impact, 1-for-All offers you the Go-to-Market Audit. The methodology used in conducting a Go-to-Market Audit includes the following steps:

  • In-depth interviews with key personnel to better understand your business, the markets youíre in, your products, goals, and the successes and failures of past and present marketing campaigns and activities.
  • Review of product information, all marketing planning documents, and campaign and activity tracking information.
  • Independent research to validate key assumptions.

Once completed, the Go-to-Market Audit document is prepared. Using a unique "report card" style format, you receive:

  • A detailed 37-category review of the effectiveness of your company's current marketing programs and activities.
  • Identification of alternatives.
  • Prioritized recommendations to improve results.

Whatís more, we donít just stop with recommendations. Once we have created your Go-to-Market Plan or Go-to-Market Audit, 1-for-All can put these programs and activities in place to launch your products and services. Please see our Implementation Services page for more information.

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