Case Study: Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing, and Implementation Services

for St. Bernard Software

iPrism is one of three core product lines at St. Bernard. It is a unique Web Filtering Appliance that enables organizations to reduce bandwidth drain, productivity loss, and legal liabilities associated with inappropriate Internet usage. 1-for-All Marketing was recruited by St. Bernard to help them multiply their lead generation capabilities 6 fold and do so in as short a time frame as possible.

After creating a Go-to-Market Plan focused on fast start lead generation for St. Bernard, 1-for-All began the implementation and project management process for a campaign that included:
  • E-newsletter sponsorship advertising
  • Opt-in e-mail using third party list sources
  • Banner advertising
  • Pay-per-click search engine keyword marketing
The multi-faceted campaign was a tremendous success - on budget and exceeding the challenging 6x lead generation goal in less than 90 days. The campaign was so well received that it was extended to other St. Bernard product lines. 1-for-All was subsequently recruited for other assignments including several competitive analysis projects, a competitive channel marketing review, trade show plan development assistance and a study to help them select a marketing automation solution.

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