Once you've got your launch plan in place - whether you're using a Go-to-Market Plan created by 1-for-All or one you've created in house - we can assist you in implementing it. In doing so, we will help ensure an integrated, synergistic campaign that will enhance overall results. With experience at the marketing manager, director and VP levels, 1-for-All can manage all aspects of your marketing program to allow you to achieve your unit and revenue objectives on time and on budget.

In addition to overall campaign management, 1-for-All can also assist with specific elements of the plan, such as:

  • Internet Marketing: Internet marketing, or "e-marketing", can be one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads and even build brand awareness when done properly. Let 1-for-All show you how. Please visit our Internet Marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing pages for more information.

  • Public Relations: 1-for-Allís public relations team is staffed by marketers who have had both in-house PR and agency experience. They have walked on both sides of the street and understand what it takes for an agency to develop a strong public relations strategy. They are equally well aware of the budget constraints facing in-house public relations and marketing communications teams. Please visit our Public Relations Strategy page for more information.

  • Marketing and Sales Collateral: 1-for-All can help you determine what types of collateral will serve you best, then create superior pieces.
    • Brochures, Spec Sheets, Competitive Matrices: All the standard elements of a good product launch kit.
    • White papers: White papers can be great tools to help establish your company as an expert in its field and get your foot in the door with prospects, particularly the more technical ones.
    • Presentations: Whether desired for internal or external audiences, executive or sales use, almost every company will need professional looking presentations at some point.
    • Success Stories and Application Briefs: These can be some of the best tools that sales people have to build credibility in the minds of their prospects.
    • Reviewerís Guides: Donít leave it to chance that journalists and serious buyers will figure out how to quickly set up and configure your product, or test its best features. Lay it out for them step-by-step in a well crafted and illustrated reviewerís guide thatís both fool-proof and enjoyable to read.
    • Print and Electronic Newsletters: Newsletters, particularly e-newsletters, are a terrific and inexpensive way of regularly staying in touch with all your companyís stakeholders: customers, partners, employees, and investors.
    • Web Site Content: Whether itís creating new content or adapting existing materials for use on the Web, 1-for-All has top-notch writers who deliver.

  • Event Planning: Events are expensive, both monetarily and in the time and effort needed to pull them off successfully. 1-for-All can take much of the hassle and effort out of the process by managing all aspects of your event schedule.
    • Trade Shows: Some say trade shows are only good for branding. Let us show you how you can also turn your trade shows into lead-generating machines.
    • User Groups: When your product sales reach a critical mass, establishing a user group program can be a great way to turn users into evangelists for further sales. User groups are also great vehicles for gathering feedback and maintaining direct contact with your most valuable resource, your customers.
    • Seminars, Road Shows and Demonstrations: When prospecting requires face-to-face contact, seminars, road shows and demos can be an excellent means of getting in front of large audiences.

  • Direct Response Marketing: Direct marketing programs are designed to get target audience recipients to take action. Doing so in the most cost effective manner is both an art and a science. 1-for-All direct marketing experts can show you how.
    • Direct Mail: 1-for-All can assist with:
      • List selection and procurement
      • Developing an offer designed to get action
      • Message and creative development
      • Mailout
      • Creating tracking and follow-up programs

    • Direct E-mail: While similar in concept to postal direct mail, e-mail-based direct marketing programs introduce new challenges and require different approaches and techniques. 1-for-All is up to the challenge and can help you with direct e-mail to:
      • Third party opt-in e-mail lists
      • Internal customer and prospect lists

  • Print Advertising: 1-for-All can assist with all aspects of planning and managing an effective ad campaign including:
    • Developing your advertising strategy
    • Ad agency selection and negotiation
    • Media Selection

  • Telemarketing: As either an initial contact vehicle or used in conjunction with other marketing activities, 1-for-All can help you establish an in-house or outside service bureau-based telemarketing function.

  • Campaign Analysis: Do you know which marketing campaigns offer the best return in lead generation or brand building? Let 1-for-All help you by analyzing your programs to determine the winners and the losers.

1-for-All can assist you with these marketing program activities on both a domestic and international basis.

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