White Papers, Case Studies, PowerPoint Conversions, Datasheets, Product Briefs

for Tarari, Inc. (acquired by LSI Corporation)

Tarari is a fabless semiconductor company whose products offload processor-intensive operations from the CPU onto specialized ASICs, boards and software.

In its critical first two years, Tarari was in the right place at the right time, with its sales team facing the task of educating prospects on the benefits of accelerating XML processing, network security functions and digital media encoding. Tarari chose 1-for-All's John White to write a series of "caselets," brief success stories describing real-world applications of its technology.

As Tarari has grown, it has chosen 1-for-All to write white papers, datasheets and product briefs.

Tarari has also engaged 1-for-All to create sales- and PR-oriented slide presentations based on the knowledge of its product managers and engineers. For even more mileage from that same knowledge base, 1-for-All has then converted those presentations into white papers to assist the sales team and to create awareness with journalists and analysts.


Telecom Caselet (225KB)

Optics Caselet (635KB)

Unified Threat Management White Paper - Business Focus (244KB)

Algorithm Analysis White Paper - Technical Focus (562KB)

Hardware Acceleration White Paper - Converted from Presentation (344KB)

XTM Product Brief/Datasheet (767KB)

Pub/Sub Product Brief/Datasheet (653KB)

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