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1-for-All's localization expertise dates from 1991. Over the years our experience in localization consulting for a variety of clients has helped us to shape three offerings, from small to large:

  1. Localization Seminar
  2. Localization Audit
  3. Localization Consulting - Localization Project Management

1. Localization Seminar

A 1- to 2-day, on-site seminar on how to go global, designed to answer such high-level questions as:
  • What are our first steps?
  • Which languages should we do first?
  • Where do we find translators?
  • How much will the project cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • How do we need to prepare our product, Web site and documentation?
  • What role will our overseas partners play?
The advantage of the Localization Seminar is that we tailor it to your organization, and to different groups within your organization. For example, we may spend the first session in localization consulting with your Engineering and Product Management teams, and the second session with Sales and Marketing. Click here for examples of localization presentations and topics.

2. Localization Audit

A 4- to 8-day assessment of your global-readiness, answering deeper questions such as:
  • Is the product completely internationalized (ready for localization)?
  • Where can we save money in translation costs?
  • How many people on our staff will this project require?
  • Where are the risks and dependencies?
  • How do we create our localization kit?
  • How and where will we perform QA on the localized product?
  • What can we put in place to make this easier next time?
The result of the Localization Audit is a Project Plan that outlines our findings and draws your attention to any risks or dependencies that may affect the project. We also include a Preliminary Budget and Program so that you can begin planning your time, money and staff requirements.

3. Localization Consulting - Localization Project Management

Ongoing implementation of the Localization Project Plan. Both on- and offsite, we work as your Localization Project Manager to:
  • Act as internal "champion" for your project from start to finish
  • Ensure that content and software are prepared for handoff
  • Run the day-to-day contact with localization companies and translators
  • Direct the linguistic and functional QA of localized product
  • Build one successful international product launch upon another
  • Guide Web team to structure international sites, pages and applications
  • Introduce international requirements to future products
These offerings cover the needs of most global organizations, as well as of those planning to go global.

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