Scenarios - Localization Consulting and Localization Project Management

Here are situations typical of our clients. Do you recognize your organization among them?

  • A company with no previous experience in global product launches engages 1-for-All to assess its productís international readiness and help answer critical questions:
    • How much work will it take to prepare the product for translation?
    • Will the product function properly in a European language? In an Asian language?
    • How much should we budget for translation?
    • How much of our developersí effort will this project require?
    • How can we ensure the quality of the localized product?
  • A small, US-based organization develops an English-language software solution with massive appeal to its Global 2000 partners, which take multi-country, multilingual products for granted. With limited staffing and expertise, the organization relies on 1-for-All to enhance its appeal to these customers by designing and managing an integrated global launch plan for the product, including:
    • internationalization management
    • localization management
    • multilingual quality assurance
    • global product marketing and product support
  • A large Web-content provider running a 500-page site in six languages turns to 1-for-All to help shorten the turnaround time of launching translated updates in all languages.

  • A marketing manager, racing to keep pace with demands from overseas, suddenly finds herself spending more time on coordinating translations than on managing markets, and engages 1-for-All to help with both tasks.
  • An enterprise software company discovers that different business units are constantly launching products worldwide in different ways, and calls upon 1-for-All to help them save time and money by showing them how to best share policies, standards, resources and talent across the company.
  • The product marketing team of a large software company relies on 1-for-All to build and strengthen the input loop between its product managers and worldwide offices, so that international requirements become an integral part of future product launches, and so that overseas sales teams have everything they need to sell the products properly.
  • An e-commerce company, whose overseas partners found the first Spanish release of its product unacceptable, asks 1-for-All to examine what went wrong and to help improve the quality of the next Spanish release.
  • A strong proponent of outsourcing decides to offshore its localization processes to vendors in China, India and the Middle East, and turns to 1-for-All to help maintain the delivery schedule of its worldwide products in spite of the reshuffle.
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