Localization Training, Presentations and Seminars

We have developed and delivered a number of presentations, training sessions and seminars on localization for many companies, trade associations, universities and user groups throughout the United States. These presentations vary according to the audience and its focus, and all of them help attendees create products for their worldwide markets.

Five Things You Had Better Do In Creating Your International Products, and Five Things You Had Better Not Do

-University of California at San Diego, Extension
-Cubic Corporation
-Association for Computing Machinery
-Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
-Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interface (SIGCHI)
-San Diego Visual Basic Users Group
-Development SIG, San Diego Software Industry Council
-Delphi Users Group of San Diego
-C++ Users Group of San Diego

Let The Beatles, Gloria Estefan and The Gipsy Kings Show You How To Design Your International Products

-User Interface Design SIG, San Diego Software Industry Council
-International Macintosh User Group (IMUG), Cupertino, California
-San Diego Product Management Association

Domestic Opportunities for International Businesses—Cultivating the U.S. Hispanic Market

-San Diego International Trade Advisory Board

Picking up Pennies in Front of a Steamroller—The Business Model for Desktop Utility Software Companies

-Software Publishers Association

Four Rules and a Box of Tools: What to Do When Foreign-Language Software Invades Your QA Lab

-Society for Software Quality (SSQ), San Diego
-American Society for Quality, San Diego Chapter

Eight Times the Traffic and a Much Longer Life - Creating and Sustaining Regional Web Sites for Qualcomm's BREW

-High-Tech Marketing Alliance (HTMA), San Diego

Towards a Truly Worldwide Web Site

-San Diego Software and Internet Council
-United States International University, San Diego

Your Product Is Going International—Make Sure Your Process Is Going With It

-Southern California Software Process Improvement Network (SC SPIN)
-Bay Area Software Process Improvement Network

Your Product Is Going International—Make Sure Your Documentation Is Going With It

-Society for Technical Communication (STC), Orange County, California
-East Bay STC, Northern California
-San Diego STC
-San Gabriel Valley STC, Southern California

Localization: Just the FAQs

-US Department of Commerce, IT Specialists

¡No Hay Problema! Aucun Problème! Kein Problem! A Presentation on QA of Globalized Software Products

-San Diego Society for Software Quality
-3Com/Primary Access Corporation

A Day in the Life—The Localization Manager’s Journal

-STC/SimulForum, Silicon Valley
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